School Club Roundup is a wonderful weeklong Amateur Radio event held each February and October. Even if you are not a school, here is a great opportunity to encourage young people and leave them with a favorable impression of Amateur Radio. SCR-Log is freeware for School, Club, and Individual class stations participating in the School Club Roundup.

     If you are new to SCR-Log, please read the Version Notes before downloading.

     ADIF export is provided to feed your regular logging program. All files are created in the application folder except any backups you direct elsewhere. Delete the folder and contents to “uninstall” the program. I keep the SCR-Log folder on my desktop during SCR week for easy access.

     On the other hand, if you make only a few SCR contacts, SCR-Log is a convenient way to log them at the end of the week and create your Cabrillo report. First set the date/time option to manual entry to bypass automatic date/time stamping.

     All SCR participants are welcome on the Chatbox whether you use SCR-Log or another logging program.

     SCR-Log Version 6.5a for Mac and Windows will be released on November ?, 2017.

                                      Dave VonDielingen, AD8B